You're Invited!
A Special Event for Jehovahís Witnesses & Those Who Love Them

October 5-7, 2012
Witnesses Now for Jesus Pennsylvania Convention | Witnesses for...

Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention
Blue Mountain Christian Retreat
1 Christian Lane, New Ringgold, PA 17960-9550
Phone -570-386-2154 FAX-570-386-1145

  • Engage with questioning Jehovah's Witnesses                 

  • Listen to the testimonies of former Jehovah's Witnesses    

  • Connect with friends and families of Jehovah's Witnesses   

  • Interact with vendors of ministries to Jehovah's Witnesses

Registration is Free - Contact Blue Mt Christian Retreat for Meals & Accommodations

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  You're Invited!

Since 1979, former Jehovah's Witnesses and interested Christians from around the world have been attending this annual convention, held at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat at New Ringgold PA in October.  The Convention is a place to engage questioning Jehovah's Witnesses, listen to testimonies of former Jehovah's Witnesses, connect with friends and families of Jehovah's Witnesses and interact with vendors of ministries to Jehovah's Witnesses.  Postcards can be used for any year, just fill in the convention date.  Pack of 50.  $5.00

You can use these cards in the following ways:

  • Mail them to Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Utilize them as church bulletin inserts
  • Expose them to counter-cult ministries
  • Deliver or mail them to Kingdom Halls
  • Hand them out as tracts in your neighborhood
  • Distribute them to missionaries and mission agencies
  • Send them to friends and families of Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Give them to pastors, lay leaders, and Sunday school teachers
  • Ask your local newspaper to place one as an ad or press release
  • Create a pocket poster and post them at your local grocery store
  • Offer them to professors and students studying cults and religions
  • Place them in public areas: restrooms, bus stops, laundromats, etc.
  • Share them at Christian or secular events to generate conversations

"Coming here, I donít have to explain where I came from, and people understand. Cal Lehman, Columbus, OH" - JW 35 years, elder 22 years

"I come to refresh my spirit and fellowship with other Christians who have a passion for outreach." Carol Hartman, San Diego, CA, JW 36 years

"I come to hear testimonies of people who were in bondage and have been set free by Jesus." Ron Reemer, Mt. Holly, NJ - Pastor

"People here have been through the same things Iíve been through." David Willis, Knoxville, TN - 4th generation JW 23 years

"For people in ministry it is so encouraging." Joan Cetnar, Kunkletown, PA -JW 26 yrs. Watchtower Headquarters, 4 years

"The testimonies encourage me to keep planting seeds." Harley Simms, Pemberton, NJ


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