Jehovah's Witness Postcards

"This is the best summary I have seen and it represents a lot of research!"  - Rev. Ralph Gruenberg, Assoc. of Baptist for World Evangelism, Inc.

"My Jehovah's Witness cousins stopped attending the Kingdom Hall.  When I asked them why they said, 'Well, we've been getting these postcards....'" - Orwigsburg, PA

"Very good witnessing tool. It gets the Jehovah's Witness to start thinking." - B. Blatz, formerly a Jehovah's Witness elder for 15 years.

"I recommend your resources at my website.  I think they're great." - Bob Gray, ME

"I have examined these materials carefully and I know that they are helpful in witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses. As a Jehovah's Witness I could not find anyone who would witness to me.  I thank God for this ministry which reaches out to help the Jehovah's Witness who is looking for answers." -
F. Erwin, formerly a Jehovah's Witness for 26 years.


"Those postcards are so clear and concise. I have used several of them on my Jehovah's Witness hotline.  You can't appreciate them until you have read them." - M. Mercardo, formerly a Jehovah's Witness for 39 years.

"I have had the opportunity to examine the materials and talk to others about the ministry. The founder really has created and produced some great materials that anyone can use with Jehovah's Witnesses." - James Bjornstad, Professor of Philosophy, Cedarville University

"What a great evangelism tool!"
 - S. Dow, ME


"These postcards make them think and do research." - Ramona Martin, FL


Personal Prayer Organizers

"This is a really unique idea. These will make great Christmas gifts."  -Dave Romeo, Lancaster, PA

"I take my Personal Prayer Pocket organizer with me everywhere I go. I use it to prayer whenever I have to wait somewhere. It has caused me to be much more organized so that I pray more consistently for everyone."  -K Lodish, Lititz, PA

"This has changed the way I pray."  -M. Leaman Roherstown, PA

"The Personal Prayer Pocket organizer is ideal for daily devotions, traveling, or prayer walking. It really promotes the concept of praying without ceasing."  -J. DiCuirci, Xenia, OH

"This is ideal to use when praying for your students in Sunday school or the classroom."  -Teacher, Glouster, OH


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